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Although there’s many sites with useful information about this wonderful country, Expat FYI will be quite different. Not only will Expat FYI provide as much vital information for new visitors, we will also seek to solicit feedback and encourage commentary on all content.  Moreover, the site will be as interactive as possible, pushing for discussion on any topic we publish, any image we upload, any news we generate. Facebook and Twitter will be tools we use effectively and responsibly.

The Expat FYI team have a combined 50 years of direct experience in the Philippines.


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Chris Urbano

It always proves to be an interest­ing perspective, seeing a culture, es­pecially your own, through a for­eigner’s eyes. And the interest ante is upped when that foreigner just so happens to have a good grasp of the vernacular.

Such is the case with Australian Chris Ur­bano, and his Tagalog language-fusion cook­ing program on YouTube called “Maputing Cooking.” The premise is simple enough: An Australian who speaks fluent Tagalog embark­ing on a culinary journey (both for himself and the viewers) that introduces twists on tradi­tional fare, while pairing them with his favorite Australian wines.

The quirky adventures of Urbano, shop­ping at local wet markets, haggling (or at least trying to) with vendors as they look at him wide-eyed, or do a quizzical double take be­cause of his grasp for the language, or often,  a combination of both have attracted quite the following from Filipinos both here and abroad.

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